Park Management

Easily manage all your owners' important information and unit details from one location with CampManager, which can be accessed from anywhere with internet access. Automated batch invoicing allows you to create site fees and utility invoices in minutes. CampManager provides you with an easy way to manage and monitor payment collection.

Key Features

  • Organise and manage owners' details and unit information quickly and easily from one central system.
  • Create invoices quickly and easily which can be emailed directly to customers.
  • Automated batch invoicing allows you to create site fees in minutes. Electricity, gas readings and other charges are calculated and added to invoices.
  • Customers can view their account and pay invoices online.
  • Maintain details of new and used stock units.
  • Display units for sale directly on your website with images, features and descriptions.
  • Easily allocate a unit to a new owner and create an invoice when sold.
  • See at a glance from the interactive site map who has pending and overdue payments.

Information at a Glance

The site map is an interactive colour-coded map of your park which allows you to see at a glance who is currently on each site and the status of their account.

  • Detailed map displaying the location of all owner units, rental units, and camping sites.
  • Traffic light colour coding helps you to distinguish between overdue payment, pending payments, expired insurance and site fees.
  • Access further information quickly by clicking on a unit, providing you with the owners' and unit details.

Site Fees, Utilities & Invoicing

  • Automated batch invoicing allows you to create site fee and utility invoices in one go which can be emailed or posted directly to owners.
  • Add and record utility readings simply in CampManager.
  • Usage charges are automatically calculated based on previous readings and added to invoices.
  • A history of utility readings is automatically recorded.

Pay Bills Online

Customers can view their account, pay site fees and invoices through your website. Using an integrated payment service provider, customers can also enter their card details via your website, processing payments directly into your merchant bank account - with no fees or commission.

The system has made my life much easier; simple to use & understand, saving time and eliminating mistakes. The invoice generation system has streamlined my job no end. The service has been excellent. Overall really pleased!


Charlotte Danson, Langcliffe Park

Stock Management

  • The stock system can help your staff identify homes based on potential customer requirements and specifications, such as budget, size, make, model.
  • CampManager allows you to allocate new owners and create sales invoices when units are sold.
  • You can choose to have the stock system integrated into your website, allowing potential customers to browse the caravans and lodges you have for sale.
  • Customers can filter search results by price, size, make, condition and year.


CampManager provides you with a detailed accounts system which allows you to obtain income details for any date range. Export invoices and/or payments to Excel, allowing you to easily filter and sort specific information to generate necessary reports.

  • Easy to reconcile payments and bank statements
  • Analyse VAT over any period
  • Breakdown income into various categories
  • Easily export all information to Excel
  • Export invoices to Xero, Quickbooks and other accounting systems easily.

I started using CampManager earlier this year and wished I'd found it sooner! I can't recommend enough.


Douglas Baillie, Tayport Links Caravan Park

Job & Task Management

Simply create quotations and invoices for jobs, set priority levels, monitor job status and manage payment collection. CampManager allows you to manage jobs and allocate tasks to staff members, such as;

  • Holiday home enquiries.
  • Owner repairs and maintenance.
  • Site maintenance.
  • Customer complaints.
  • After-sales.

Put CampManager to the Test

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