Channel Management

Maximise your marketing exposure and increase bookings by connecting CampManager to Online Travel Agents (OTAs). When customers book through an OTA, CampManager will automatically import the details of their booking. Availability will be updated across all your other OTAs, removing the risk of double bookings.

Key Features

  • Centralise all your bookings into our all-in-one platform.
  • Remove the risk of double booking.
  • Directly control allocation for multiple Online Travel Agents (OTAs) all from one location.
  • Save valuable time with rates and availability automatically updated.
  • Increase your exposure and broaden your marketing reach.
  • Attract a wider pool of potential guests and generate more bookings.
  • Automatically sync availability, removing the need to manually update multiple calendars.


CampManager can be integrated with many other providers, below are just a few of them:

Note: other OTAs (Online Travel Agents) may be able to integrate with CampManager via API or calendar feed - please enquire for more information.

Direct integration with

CampManager has been a registered connectivity partner with since 2015, connecting directly via an Application Programming Interface (API). This means that data flows between and CampManager in real-time, without any delays. Once you receive a booking on, it will be imported into CampManager straight away. Likewise, as soon as you take a booking yourself, this will be blocked out immediately - so no double bookings!

  • Direct API integration with
  • CampManager automatically sends your rates to
  • Manage your allocation simply from within CampManager.
  • Customers data and contact details securely imported.

Google Hotel Ads

CampManager is a Google Authorised Integration Partner which can connect your booking system with Google Hotel Ads. CampManager provides Google with up-to-date information on pricing, availability and accommodation types. Relevant ads will be shown to future guests who are actively searching for accommodation either on Google Search or Google Maps.

  • Low-cost advertising.
  • Only pay Google when you receive a booking.
  • Availability shown on Google Maps.
  • Improved listing on Google Search.
  • Advertise next to the OTAs.
  • More direct bookings.
  • Higher conversions rates.

List on Google Maps

Once CampManager has been connected with your Google Hotel Ads account, your accommodation, rates and availability will be shown on Google Maps, providing you greater accessibility to holidaymakers who are actively searching for accommodation in your area.

Featured in search results

The Google Hotel Ads platform displays your rates in direct comparison to other Online Travel Agents (OTAs) like and Expedia, enabling you to showcase your own prices and availability on Google's search pages. Your result will be highlighted as the 'Official website', giving customers reassurance that they can book direct with you.

Direct Bookings

When a user clicks on your Google Hotel Ad, they are directed to your CampManager online booking system where they enter their details and complete their booking. This means that you obtain all the customer details, allowing you to communicate directly with your guests without an OTA in between.

Customers that come via Google Hotel Ads are at a lower point in the sales funnel which will have a higher conversion rate than the clicks you get from conventional AdWords.

Control OTA Availability

Be savvy with how much of your business you give to OTAs. CampManager enables you to block out specific units and dates from OTAs, such as Easter and Bank Holidays, whilst being able to take bookings through your own website. If you still have some empty spaces closer to the time, you can then release these dates to OTAs.

  • Block peak times and use OTAs to fill quieter periods.
  • Automatically inflate prices to cover commission costs and keep your direct booking prices lower.
  • Reduce reliance on OTAs and focus on obtaining more direct bookings.

Multi Rates

Many OTAs have price parity clauses, restricting your ability to offer and promote lower rates on your own website. However, by using multiple rates, you can overcome this and attract direct bookings.

  • Set multiple rates for the same pitch type or accommodation on your website. Offer different rates with different terms, deposit options or cancellation policies.
  • Allow customers to choose between a standard rate in line with OTAs, or a cheaper non-refundable rate.
  • Reduce cancellations and secure payments in full, improving cashflow.

Top tips when working with OTAs

As a campsite, glampsite or holiday park owner, this video will help you discover how to best approach, navigate, and make use of Online Travel Agents (OTAs).

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