Booking Management

CampManager offers you the complete end-to-end process for managing your holiday park or campsite. Our leading cloud-based booking system is simple and easy to use, allowing staff to check availability in real-time, take bookings and card payments from any location simultaneously without worry of double booking.

Key Features

  • Simple and easy for staff to learn and use.
  • Use on any device, from any location.
  • Multiple access at any one time, with no extra charges for additional users.
  • Cloud-based system and operates in real-time, so no overbookings.
  • Simple, logical and efficient booking process.
  • Bookings are automatically optimised and placed back-to-back, reducing wasted nights.
  • View daily arrivals, departures and customers onsite.
  • View bookings and availability on colour-coded charts.
  • Availability, prices and discounts calculated instantly and accurately based on search criteria.
  • Email confirmations and attachments sent automatically.
  • Collect payment in full and in advance, reducing no-shows and improving cash flow.
  • Customers can pay holiday balances and invoices online.
  • Set access levels for staff, depending on their experience.
  • Blacklist and prevent unwelcome customers from returning.

Booking Management

  • CampManager will not only display availability and costs for the selected type of accommodation or stay, but will also show alternative available dates, accommodation, and costs. This allows you to provide your customers with a choice - all from one screen.
  • Check busy times at a glance, allowing you to plan your week and monthly views. You can print daily arrivals, departures, and on-site reports.
  • CampManager allows you to colour code your bookings, identifying those not to be moved, special requests, group bookings, etc.
  • Easily search and find customers' bookings.
  • Editing bookings is straight-forward, as additional costs are automatically recalculated. For example, if a stay is being extended or upgraded.
  • Retrieve and sort specific information by using additional filters.

Improved Booking Efficiency

  • Entering new bookings has never been easier. For new customers, you can quickly search for addresses using the postcode lookup or returning customer details can be retrieved quickly using the customer lookup.
  • Card payments are processed immediately from the same screen using the secure integrated virtual terminal, directly into your bank account.
  • Bookings are placed instantly into your booking system avoiding overbooking and duplication.
  • Personalised email confirmations and attachments are sent automatically to customers when bookings are made, reducing administration time and cost.
  • The booking summary PDF attachment contains complete details of the booking such as the arrival and departure dates, cost of the stay, payments made and any balances.
  • Cater for group bookings, so whether a guest is making one or ten bookings, they can easily add multiple bookings in one simple transaction.


The dashboard screen provides you with an instant overview of all your crucial site information.

  • View arrivals and departures, current occupancy, income, invoices, and payments.
  • See your percentage of occupancy for the current day.
  • Easily view latest bookings via the website or made online.
  • Prepare for changeovers and upcoming bookings with following day, weekend and total for the week information.
  • View your income for the year, last 30 days, this month, last month, this week and last week.


See at a glance how busy your campsite and rental units are, with weekly and monthly views. These can be printed off with daily arrivals, departures and on-site reports. Colour-coded bookings have the addition of a slither colour which indicates the booking status, e.g. fully paid, and balance due.

Unit & Site Optimisation

CampManager optimises bookings automatically by placing bookings on a back-to-back basis, improving occupancy rates, maximising revenues and reducing wasted nights.

The system does all the work, checking availability, selecting a pitch, invoicing, sending out booking confirmations - so no mistakes and saves me valuable time.


Frank Towers, Upwood Holiday Park

Automated Communication

Save on your administration costs by letting CampManager send automated emails and text messages to your customers. Messages with your personal touch can be sent automatically before or after arrival. Sending overdue payment requests, welcome and departure messages are hassle-free. Deliver more meaningful and professional communication, improving customer service.

  • Create a welcome message to be sent to customers three days before their arrival, to remind them of their booking and to advise of any events taking place during their stay.
  • Automatically send a message two days after a customer has checked out to thank them for their booking and to request feedback.
  • Send customers a message automatically a few days before their holiday balance due date, to provide them with a link where they can pay their balance online.
  • Remind customers who have failed to settle their balance in time that they must make immediate payment to avoid their booking from being cancelled.

Pay Balances & Invoices Online

Accept payments through your website by allowing customers to log-in to their account where they can review their bookings or invoices and make payment. All card payments are made securely and directly into your bank account, providing you with total visibility and control of all your payments.

  • Customers can log-in to their account and pay holiday balances online.
  • Allow holiday homeowners to pay site fees and utility invoices online.
  • Remove the hassle of chasing overdue payments.
  • Reduce postage and stationery costs with paperless invoices and receipts.
  • Greatly reduce administration costs and time.

Save Time & Money

Using both 'automated communication' and 'pay holiday balances and invoices online' will save you a considerable amount of time and administration cost. It enables customers to receive an email or text message reminding them that their balance is due and provides them with a link where they can view their account and pay balances and invoices online.

CampManager is ideal for online bookings, it saves an awful lot of work, time and money. CampManager is the third computerised system we have used and it's by far the best one.


Michael Thompson, Wood Nook Caravan Park

Management Information & Analytics

CampManager provides you with a comprehensive range of reports and detailed information about your park, assisting management with decision making.

  • Monitor, analyse and anticipate your activity using reports and detailed management information relating to your park for any date range.
  • Identify trends using historic data, allowing you to obtain a better understanding of your clients and their booking habits, enabling you to target customers more effectively.
  • Analyse bookings using different variants, such as income by rental type, income by unit, customer nationality, booking source, booking lead time and booking duration.

Discounts & Vouchers

Drive customers to your holiday park by creating discounts, special offers, and redeemable voucher codes quickly and easily through CampManager.

  • Respond quickly and create last minute offers, increasing occupancy and revenue.
  • Attract more customers during quieter periods.
  • Encourage customers to stay longer.
  • Apply discounts to all bookings or just those made via a particular source.
  • Track the effectiveness of your advertising by placing voucher codes in your advertisements.
  • Set specific expiration dates.
  • Reward the loyalty of your customers.
  • Give vouchers during open days and exhibitions.

Branded Emails

Choose to have your emails designed in the same style as your website, which will not only look more professional but will also help strengthen, support and enhance your brand identity.

  • Personalised booking confirmation emails.
  • Added customer value and enhanced customer engagement.
  • Strengthen your brand identity.

I cannot speak highly enough of the service and software package offered by CampManager. The campsite booking software has enabled us to effectively manage our bookings for all types of camping offered at our site.


Dominic Reeve, Lord Stones Country Park

Multiple Bookings In One Simple Transaction

CampManager has been developed to cater for group bookings, so whether a guest is making one or ten bookings, you can easily add multiple bookings in one simple transaction.

  • Multiple bookings can be made by staff or customers online.
  • Perfect for individuals that want to stay multiple times throughout the year or those booking on behalf of a group of family or friends.
  • Great for sites that host events and weddings.
  • The lead guest can create a multiple booking and share the cost with the entire group.
  • Individual group members can login and pay for their own stay.
  • Each guest booking is held in its own right, so it's easy to keep track of costs and extras separately.
  • CampManager creates invoices for each booking with a single payment split across each of the bookings.
  • Giving guests the ability to create multiple bookings online greatly reduces your administration time.

Customer Records & Marketing

CampManager allows you to manage and maintain all your data in a central system which can be accessed from any location. Any data that is entered into CampManager can be quickly and easily retrieved, providing you with all the information needed for advertising and marketing.

  • Your customer database is updated automatically as bookings are entered.
  • Maintain your customer database easily by removing, adding and updating details.
  • Blacklist unwanted customers from returning.
  • Find customers, bookings, invoices, payments and holiday homes quickly using the comprehensive search facility.
  • All data is securely transmitted, stored and backed up.
  • View customers' accounts, including all historic bookings, invoices and payments.
  • Export all customers details to Excel, enabling you to create your own reports.
  • Easily manage your customers' GDPR compliant data.
  • Market those customers who only make bookings at certain times of the year.
  • Target and entice previous customers to return to your park with promotions and special offers.

Invoices, Payments & Accounts

  • Obtain income details by category for any date range.
  • Simplify reporting with summaries of total income generated and payments received.
  • CampManager records all payments received and the payment methods used such as card, cash and cheque.
  • Use CampManager to reconcile payments and bank statements.
  • Pending and overdue payments or invoices can be retrieved simply.
  • Export invoices and payments to Excel.
  • Analyse VAT over any period.
  • Breakdown income by nominal and product codes.
  • Keep tight control of all invoices generated and payments collected through CampManager.
  • Closely monitor pending and overdue payments using the traffic light system.
  • See at a glance customers with pending and overdue balances using the interactive park map.


Comments and customer feedback plays an important part in helping businesses to improve the services they provide and how they do things for their customers. A questionnaire is automatically sent out to a customer shortly after their departure, asking them to complete a brief questionnaire regarding their stay at your caravan park or campground.

Car Number Plate Recognition

CampManager can integrate with your Access Control System allowing you to automatically grant access to customers to enter and exit your park. Your customers' car registration is entered into CampManager at the time of the booking, so when the car approaches the entrance barrier it is automatically recognised by the ANPR camera and the barrier will lift, giving the guest access into the park.

Alternatively, CampManager can generate a four-digit access code at the time of booking which is automatically emailed or sent via text message to the customer prior to arrival. This is then entered upon arrival into a keypad to gain access to the park or facilities.

Put CampManager to the Test

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