Online Booking

Never miss a booking when your park is closed, or when staff are dealing with customers. With CampManager you can accept bookings 24/7 through your website. The bookings pages are designed in keeping with your website, providing a seamless and trusted booking process for your customers. Online bookings are placed immediately into CampManager requiring no manual updates.

Key Features

  • No commissions or fees.
  • Seamless integration into your website.
  • Allow customers to pay in full, or pay a deposit, reducing no-shows and assisting cash-flow.
  • Bookings are automatically optimised on a back-to-back basis as they are entered.
  • Allow customers to choose their preferred pitch while booking online.
  • Personalised booking confirmation and attachments sent to customers automatically.
  • Allows customers to make multiple bookings easily in one simple transaction.
  • Create discounts and last-minute special offers online, increasing occupancy in quieter times.
  • Allow customers to view their account and pay their holiday balances online.
  • Bookings made online are entered directly into your CampManager system with no delays or manual updates required.
  • Allow customers to add holiday extras online.
  • Prevent blacklisted customers booking online.
  • Integrates with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.
  • Automatic emails are sent to remind customers when to pay holiday balances online.

Seamless Integration

Accept bookings 24/7 through your website with CampManager. Your online booking pages are designed in the same style as your website, making it a seamless and simple booking process for your customers where they can book with confidence. Bookings made online go directly into your CampManager system.

The booking pages are optimised for use on mobile and tablet devices, as well as desktops. This means that the layout of the webpage and content will change depending on the device used, providing a native experience for all users.

It frees up so much of my time allowing me to do other things as so many of the bookings are now made online.


Olive Dunlop, Ballyness Caravan Park

Branded Emails

Choose to have your emails designed in the same style as your website, which will not only look more professional but will also help strengthen, support and enhance your brand identity.

  • Personalised booking confirmation emails.
  • Added customer value and enhanced customer engagement.
  • Strengthen your brand identity.

Holiday Extras

Generate additional revenue by upselling and giving customers the ability to add extras to their booking. For example, offer champagne and chocolates on arrival, breakfast hampers or fire pits with kindling.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

We design your online booking pages to be mobile & tablet friendly, making it more convenient for customers to book their holiday.

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Improved SEO performance
  • Competitive advantage
  • Faster browsing speed
  • Easier and more convenient

Since we have had our new CampManager system, it has been wonderful! We have had so many bookings online, it has eased our work load hugely.


Susan Bush, Town Farm Camping & Caravanning

Multi Rates

CampManager allows you to offer multiple rates at the same time. For instance, you could offer two rates for your pitches or accommodation, one which is a standard rate and subject to your normal cancellation and refund policies, and a second which is cheaper but non-refundable and requires guests to pay upfront and in full. This aids cash flow and reduces admin moving or cancelling bookings.

  • Set multiple rates for the same pitch type or accommodation on your website. Offer different rates with different terms, deposit options or cancellation policies.
  • Allow customers to choose between a standard rate, or a cheaper non-refundable rate.
  • Add seperate rates for members, OAPs or caravan club guests.

Multiple Bookings In One Simple Transaction

The online booking process has been developed to cater for group bookings, so whether a guest is making one or ten bookings, they can easily add multiple bookings in one simple transaction.

  • Perfect for individuals that want to stay multiple times throughout the year or those booking on behalf of a group of family or friends.
  • Great for sites that host events and weddings.
  • The lead guest can create a multiple booking and share the cost with the entire group.
  • Individual group members can login and pay for their own stay.
  • Each guest booking is held in its own right, so it's easy to keep track of costs and extras separately.

Amend Bookings Online

Greatly reduce your administration costs and time by giving guests the flexibility to amend bookings online for themselves.

  • Guests can login online to change their arrival date and duration, select alternative accommodation or amend their holiday extras.
  • CampManager will automatically recalculate the booking costs based on the guests' amendments, taking into account what they have already paid.
  • CampManager can prevent customers from reducing the overall value of their booking.
  • A cut-off date can be set, for example, to prevent guests due to arrive within 14 days from editing their booking online.

Google & Facebook Tracking

  • Your online booking pages can be linked with your website's Google Analytics account, giving you greater insight to analyse your online traffic and conversion rates.
  • Collect data on conversions from your Facebook campaigns and advertising by adding a Facebook pixel tracking code to your online booking pages.

Widgets & Calendars

Our widgets work perfectly on all devices and can be easily integrated into your website to match your current layout and colour scheme. Our widgets can be integrated into many website builders such as:

  • Wordpress
  • Bootstrap
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • GoDaddy
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

Put CampManager to the Test

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