Linking CampManager with Pitchup

In order to link CampManager to Pitchup, you will need to follow the instructions below. Please note:

  • Only availability is synchronised with Pitchup, tariffs are not synchronised and will still need to be entered by you with Pitchup.
  • Once your pitches and or rental units have been linked with CampManager, availability for each pitch / rental unit will be synchronised automatically. Once a booking is made via Pitchup, it will automatically be imported into CampManager. Similarly, when you add or amend a booking in CampManager on one of these sites, availability will be updated on Pitchup automatically. Bookings that are imported into CampManager will contain all the customers details and booking details. Booking costs are not currently imported, and these have to be entered by you into CampManager if required.
  • Even though you have connected your pitches / rental units with Pitchup, you can still manage your allocation via the Pitchup website.
  • There is an additional charge for providing this integration based on the number of units and or pitches that you wish to integrate with Pitchup.

1. Retrieve your Pitchup API Key

  • Once logged into Pitchup, from the top right corner, click on ‘Me’ link, followed by the ‘My Details’ button.

  • On the Right hand side, under the ‘API key’ heading, copy the second API key and
    forward this to
  • Also, request a list of all pitches and associated iCal URLs. CampManager will forward
    these to you in a spreadsheet.

2. Mapping your CampManager pitches with Pitchup.

  • To map a pitch with Pitchup, first decide the appropriate ‘Pitch Type’ that each pitch should be assigned to.

  • Next, from the ‘Allocation’ tab within Pitchup, click the ‘Add more units’ button below the appropriate ‘Pitch Type’. (Note: If you cannot see this option, click the 'Add external calendar' button to request the calendar. Once Pitchup have enabled this, click the 'Add more units' button).

  • Once added, click on the newly created pitch. Add the pitch name, place a tick in the box to allow Pitchup to assign bookings to this unit, and finally add the iCal URL from the spreadsheet received from CampManager. Click update.

  • Pitchup will now contact CampManager every 15 minutes to synchronise availability. Similarly, CampManager will contact Pitchup every 5 minutes to check and import any new bookings.

Clients using CampManager include