Why your New Year’s Resolution should be to evaluate your campsite booking system.

Mon 1 January, 2018

Out with the old and in with the new!

The end of 2017 brings a New Year and with it a chance to start afresh. Though how often do we make New Year’s resolutions to then fall back into old habits before January is even over? The same is often true when it comes to reviewing work systems and procedures. 

As the New Year gets underway we recommend that one of your resolutions is to take time out to re-evaluate your current campsite software and booking procedures; reflecting on what works well and deciding upon what could be improved. 

To assist, we’ve put together five handy questions to ask yourself when carrying out a review of your offline and online booking system.

1. Does your campsite booking system save you time and generate you more bookings?

One of the key benefits of a campsite booking system is to save time. Taking bookings online should straight away generate time-saving results as less time is spent on the phone or answering customer emails. 

A good campsite booking system should not only speed up the booking process but also generate you more bookings. Some CampManager customers are now seeing up to 90% of their bookings being made online!

2. Does your campsite booking system encourage your customers to book again?

A good campsite booking system will not only bring you and your staff benefits but also your customer. An online booking system with a simple and easy to use interface will encourage customers to book time and time again. 

Does your online booking system enable your customer to pick their favourite pitch at the time of booking? This is a great way for creating customer loyalty. Having a flexible system that allows you to quickly create discounts and offers can also help with remarketing campaigns to encourage guests to stay again. 

3. Does your campsite booking system automate your day to day tasks? 

We live in a busy society where we expect everything to be carried out straight away without delay. Your booking system should have a vast array of automation techniques to save you valuable time and money. 

Automation features can range from automated emails (confirmation emails, welcome emails, payment reminder emails) right through to automated batch invoicing. Ultimately your booking system should do the work for you so the whole process works together in an efficient manner.

4. Does your campsite booking system give you enough information to make key decisions?

A good campsite booking system should record and store your historical data so you can quickly report on trends and identify gaps where there are areas for improvement. Can you easily report on customers’ booking habits, the booking source, occupancy rates and booking durations?  

Having this information at your fingertips ensures you aren’t making future decisions blindly without having analysed all the facts. The information captured can be used to obtain a better understanding of your clients, enabling you to target customers more effectively moving forward. 

5. Does your campsite booking system remove the risk of double bookings?

The last few years has seen a rise in popularity for marketing via OTAs (Online Travel Agents). Many parks are promoting themselves on websites such as Booking.com, AirBnB, CampStead.com, Pitchup and Glampsites to avail of an additional avenue to achieve extra exposure. 

However with the positives comes the difficulty of managing the bookings from various sources and therefore an increased risk of double bookings. Be sure to partner with a campsite booking provider who offers Channel Management so availability and allocation can be synchronised automatically across all booking sites to reduce the risk of overbooking. 

Start your New Year with CampManager

The New Year is a great time to review your campsite booking system. In-between the busy seasons you can weigh up the pros and cons of your system, comparing alternative solutions and determining if your system is providing you with everything that you want, not just what you need. 

If your current campsite booking system is falling short or if you are simply making do with what you have, don’t limit yourself. You could be missing out on potential opportunities to save time, money and to grow your business by generating more bookings. 

Make the move to CampManager. Book in for a quick demo of our campsite booking system and quickly see why you can’t start 2018 without it. 


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