Restricting unauthorised access to your park and controlling who is on site has never been easier.

Wed 15 November, 2017

With barrier integration and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), restricting unauthorised access to your park and controlling who is on site, has never been easier. You can easily manage who enters and leaves your park directly within the CampManager system.

Jordanstown Loughshore Caravan Park in Northern Ireland have been utilising the barrier integration for a number of years. Colin Meneely, Jordanstown Loughshore Park comments, “We wanted a simple solution to manage vehicle access to our park via our entrance barrier. We have an unmanned site after hours and during off-peak times so it was important to us that visitors could still gain access to the park and self check in even if we were offsite.”

How it works?

The barrier system integration works by CampManager generating a four digit access code at the time of booking which is automatically emailed and/or sent via text message to the customer prior to arrival. The access code is only valid for the length of stay, restricting right of entry to the park and ensuring only authorised personnel are on the park grounds. 

Alternatively, the ANPR works when a car registration is entered into the CampManager system at the time of booking. When the car approaches the entrance barrier it is automatically recognised by the ANPR camera and the barrier will lift, giving the guest access into the park.

Colin continues, “We have anti-passback set up to enhance security which prevents the owner of the code from passing the code to a second person to gain entry into the controlled area. Not only do our guests use the four digit code for the barrier access but they also use it for access to facilities that require a door code to enter such as the wash rooms.”

Niall Norris, CampManager remarks, “We continually look for means to develop and add value to the CampManager solution and our integration with barrier systems, such as Paxton’s Net2 solution, is another way to enhance our product offering.”

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