Don't miss your chance to generate more bookings for your glampsite

Tue 13 March, 2018

“I’m only a small glamping site, I can manage bookings myself”, “Booking systems are too complicated for our needs”, “I can’t justify the cost of a booking system.”

These are the words of glampsite owners before working with CampManager. Now they can’t manage their business without the booking system. Here’s why... 

The rise in third party bookings

Advertising on multiple Online Travel Agents (OTAs) such as,, PitchUp and AirBnb has risen in popularity as an effective way to increase online bookings. However this provides a major challenge for glampsite owners. Each time a booking is made on one of these OTAs they need to ensure that the availability is updated accordingly across all of the booking sites. This proves time consuming and can often lead to mistakes and double bookings. CampManager eliminates this challenge by integrating directly with OTAs, automatically synchronising availability across multiple channels. Bookings from OTAs go straight into the CampManager system ensuring allocation calendars are always up to date.

Manage your own online bookings

A common misconception from glampsite owners is that booking systems are too big or too complicated for their requirements. Therefore some glamping sites choose to manage their bookings offline or implement a basic, cut-down version of an online booking system. This is risky as it can result in missed bookings. By implementing CampManager’s booking system you can accept commission free bookings 24/7 on your own website. 

Customers today expect to be able to book their glamping breaks online and if this option isn’t available then owners risk potential customers booking elsewhere. Basic booking systems fail to provide the full information to potential customers. The booking system should be intelligent, presenting the customer with all the information and choice available. It’s no longer enough to have a booking system that only displays availability, it should also show alternative dates, the range of accommodation available and provide users with the ability to add extras to their bookings.

Booking systems should be simple, quick and easy to use for both owners and customers. Barney from The Hideaway @Baxby Manor comments, “Our customers praise the simplicity of CampManager’s booking system and its ease of use.”

It’s more affordable than you think

Often glampsites owners shy away from implementing a booking management solution as they perceive high costs. Niall Norris at CampManager comments, “The price of our system is based on the number of rental properties that you have and is modular so you only pay for the parts of the system that you require. We don’t take any commissions nor charge transaction fees; you simply pay an annual license fee. Our product is affordable for even the smallest of glamping sites.”

The benefits of changing your booking system

If you already have a booking system but aren’t getting what you want or need from it then it may be time to consider alternative systems. It’s not as difficult and time consuming as you may think to switch.

Glampsite owner Ed from West Stow Pods recently moved to CampManager. She comments, “Straight away we were impressed with how easy it is to use the system, coupled with the countless features and functionality that the software offers. Having received a service previously, that relied on our ability to carry out any changes, which we found challenging to say the least, we are delighted with CampManager.”

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