Does your booking system really do everything you want and need for your business?

Tue 14 November, 2017

Now that the season is coming to a close, many Parks reflect on how their booking system has coped and what is required to make the process easier. If you find that your booking system has not performed as you wanted, leaving you stressed and frustrated then it may be time to consider alternative solutions. 

“More and more clients are moving their booking system to CampManager,” says the company’s Marketing Manager Leona Mills. “It’s not as difficult and time consuming as you may think to switch booking systems and it can bring new opportunities to your business.”

CampManager sets up your pricing each year and works closely with you to set up your booking system and ensure it does everything that you want. Alan Riddell, Auchenlarie Holiday Park comments, “It was so easy to make the move. Since moving to CampManager our online bookings have massively increased. The first weekend we went live we had more bookings than we had in the entire month with our previous provider.”

In order to choose the best booking system for your needs, you need to ensure the system provides you with the flexibility; from the method of pricing to showing availability for all your different pitch or rental accommodation types at one time. Providing staff and online users with alternative date options ensures that they can see complete availability all from one view.

CampManager optimises bookings by placing them on a back to back basis maximising revenue and reducing wasted nights. Prices are calculated instantly based on the party details entered and once a booking is made customers receive personalised booking confirmation emails with pdf attachments. Balance reminder emails are sent out automatically with a link allowing customers to pay balances online saving you valuable time. CampManager designs your online booking page in the same style as your website providing a seamless booking process for you customers. 

Cost is an important factor but should never be a deciding factor. Having a system that is simple and easy to use and that really works for your business is more important. “A good booking system will generate considerably more bookings for your business, reduce many office tasks, save you valuable time and be an asset to your business.  Be sure to take all of this into consideration when comparing cost.” Niall Norris, CampManager.

Make the move to CampManager!

With over 10 years experience, superior software capabilities and first class support it’s no surprise that over 350 Campsites & Parks partner with CampManager. 

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