CampManager makes it easy for Parks to keep their customer database GDPR compliant

Thu 10 May, 2018

With the upcoming GDPR coming into force on 25 May 2018, CampManager have been making amendments to their system that will help their customers comply with the new data legislation. 

Easily export your mailing list to Excel and MailChimp

CampManager has developed a simple way for campsites and holiday parks to quickly export their customer mailing list from CampManager. The beauty of this is that the data exported only contains those customers who have subscribed to the mailing list automatically removing those who have opted-out. It takes seconds to retrieve, exporting the customer data into Excel at the click of a button. The Excel file contains four columns; the contacts’ email address, the contacts’ first and last name and the customer ID. The data can then be used to create email marketing campaigns by importing the Excel file into an email marketing application such as MailChimp to create a mailing list. 

Automation with MailChimp and CampManager

Once setup with MailChimp, and you have imported the customer mailing list from CampManager, you can begin sending out ezings. If a customer chooses to opt-out, MailChimp will automatically notify and update the customer record in CampManager - keeping your customers’ mailing preferences in sync and up-to-date.

The link between MailChimp and CampManager benefits campsites and caravan parks greatly as it removes the need for any manual data entry when a customer chooses to unsubscribe. The automation reduces the risk of non compliance with GDPR as it removes human error and it provides campsites and caravan parks with the assurance that their email marketing communication is only going to those recipients who have subscribed to receive it.

Gaining customer consent 

To help campsites and caravan parks comply with GDPR, CampManager have updated the data capture process to record and gain consent when customers book online. When a customer enters their details online, they’re given the option to opt-in to receiving future marketing information. Similarly, when a Park is processing a telephone or in-person booking, CampManager will prompt the member of staff to ask the customer if they would like to opt-in to receive future marketing communications. If the customer is happy to give consent, the Park can tick the ‘mailing list’ box to confirm that the customer has agreed. 

In short CampManager have provided these tools to help their customers comply with GDPR. If you want to know more about the CampManager system contact us or book a demo.


Clients using CampManager include